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People Silhouette during Sunset
Beyond Sustainability: Universal Rights To Thrivability

Millions of people are affected by many human rights violations, including those of economic, social…

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Innovations in Marine Life protection

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet and a crucial component for much life on Earth. The…

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Positive Partnerships To Achieve Sustainability

We’ve all heard of the proverbial “win-win”. The win-win is where both or all part…

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Photo by Kuzzat Altay on Unsplash - woman-in-blue-jacket-and-blue-denim-jeans-sitting-on-green-grass-field-during-daytime-2ZTnm_4KTUc
The Truth About The Abuse of Human Rights in Xinjiang

In a world where progress and prosperity are often celebrated, the dark underbelly of human rights a…

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The Impact Of Heatwaves On Human Health

In an environment where rising temperatures are a concern to the world today, the impact of heatwave…

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The Value Of Meditation

Life can be stressful. This is a fact that I’m sure most people, regardless of age or demograp…

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Practices For Mental Health Of The Spiritual Kind

First, I remove my shoes, strip off my socks, and plant myself firmly into the ground. Then, I sit d…

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Photo by Frans van Heerden:
Anthropocene And Environmental Justice

In the epoch of the Anthropocene, human activities have become an undeniable force shaping the very …

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Transforming healthcare
Transforming Healthcare: 10 Top Technologies

The ongoing and rapid global revolution of innovative technologies is transforming the healthcare in…

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