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Urban Green Spaces: Not just a walk in the park

Throughout history, many cultures have placed great value on the natural world. Unfortunately, our modern world is often blind to this value. In fact, the modern world is one insulated from nature. We destroy natural habitats to clear land for...

What happens when you legalise drugs? A deep dive into countries that have tried it.

Whether we should legalise drugs is a controversial issue. After all, every nation has their own beliefs about drug use. Some substances are culturally embedded, while others provoke moral panic. As such, laws surrounding drug use vary by nation.Most justifications...

6 Healthy Diets for a Thriving Life

Healthy diets are an essential part of a healthy life. After all, a poor lifestyle leads to bad health. It causes obesity, thyroid problems, diabetes, blood pressure, fatty liver, and heart diseases. There’s truth in the saying, “You are what...

Bug diets: Good for your health, and the planet!

Can you imagine yourself eating a bug? Not many people can. Yet, this controversial topic is increasingly relevant as rising food waste leads to food scarcity around the world. As a result, more people are turning to bug diets for...

India’s rape culture: Can education stop sexual violence?

Rape culture in India puts women and girls at high risk of sexual violence every day. Sexual illiteracy is one of the main causes of India’s rape crisis. So, sex education is an important way to help stop it. One...

Employee Wellbeing and Corporate Culture

Employee wellbeing has become a high priority in the modern workplace. In fact, more employers are recognising the value of promoting employee wellbeing. Indeed, the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the impact of employee mental health on...
Even clean homes can be toxic households. Beware the common pollutants that pose a genuine risk to your health.

Toxic Households: The Contaminants You Don’t See

Chemical pollution in the home is a serious public health problem. A national survey in the U.S found that the population spends an average of 90% of its time in closed spaces. Notably, much of this time is spent in...
Eating well and saving the planet doesn't mean cutting out meat wholesale

Why Wholesale Meat Is Better Than Cutting Meat Wholesale

Meat and sustainability have a complicated relationship. It raises the question; is producing meat sustainable? Certainly not in its current state. Intensive farming and poor stock management damage the environment and contribute to global warming in a big way. However,...
What's the carbon cost of 2 billion cups of coffee a day? Can coffee producers and consumers reduce the impact of coffee?

Coffee Producers: Is the Carbon Cost Too High?

What's the carbon cost of consuming 2 billion cups of coffee a day? How can we reduce the carbon impact of coffee?
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