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green space with a lake for the community

Green Spaces and Community Health – Returning to our Roots

Before we migrated to a modern lifestyle, we were hunters surrounded by nature. Humans have been...

Urban Heat Islands: How we can cool our cities

Many large cities across the world are in danger of becoming all but unlivable due to...
carbon neutral cities

Carbon Neutral Cities: Mission Impossible?

In 2014, a collection of leading global cities formed the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA). This...
Sustainable cities are in touch with nature.

Sustainable Cities: 12 Solutions All Cities Can Use

Melbourne as an idealised green city created by Damon Gameau for the 2040 film.
Bus stops for bees

Why one city has built bus stops for bees

What do bees and bus stops have to do with each other you ask? Well, continue...
Invasive weeds taking over ecosystem

Invasive Plants: We need to worry about them

Invasive plant species, more commonly known as weeds, are one of the many indirect ways humans...

Wildlife Trafficking: How it affects Covid19 and other zoonotic diseases

Poaching and Illegal Trafficking  The term ‘poaching’ refers to the illegal killing, capturing, shooting, or trapping...

What is Reforestation and Why is it Important?

Reforestation is more than just planting trees. It’s also a strategy for tackling climate change. Despite...

Peatlands: Why renewable technology needs to be tailored to an ecosystem

The difficulties of managing environmental issues are plentiful. The natural world is built on complex, intrinsic...
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