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Carbon Capture: Will it save us or end us?

Global warming is one of the major problem and the cause for that is the increasing amount of Global warming is one of the major problems we must contend with. The primary cause for that is the increasing amount of...
How do we combat the recipe of disaster created by climate change? The impacts of extreme weather events are felt in many ways, requiring a globally co-ordinated response.

Climate Action: How to Avoid Climate Disaster

If we want to avoid climate disaster, we must take climate action. Anything less is a recipe for disaster. Rising global temperature will have a devastating impact on humans. Extremes in weather are already more obvious. Disasters take things from...

Why Life Cycle Assessment Matters For Your Products Success

62% of respondents in a global study want companies to behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. And businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve will need to prove that they can walk-the-talk. This is where Life...

Mangroves: The coastal guards as soaring carbon trappers

Mangroves are critical to fighting the climate crisis. They are natural carbon trappers, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. As such, these ecosystems are vital nature-based solutions for storing CO2. Mangrove forests are an integral part of the...
Permafrost melting in arctic areas can cause many other problems besides rising water levels. Escaping methane and other greenhouse gasses can accelerate climate change.

Permafrost Melt! The Chilling Facts about Losing Ice

Permafrost melt poses several risks to the environment and our health. Potential emissions from thawing permafrost have raised the curiosity of the scientific community. While there is still much to learn, here are some chilling facts about melting permafrost and...
Decarbonisation tackles climate change by reducing greenhouse gasses from our skies

How will Decarbonisation tackle Climate Change?

Decarbonisation reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) in the earth’s atmosphere. How do we decarbonise and what part does it play in the fight against climate change?  Why is Decarbonisation Important? Burning fossil fuels creates large amounts of CO2. The accumulation of...

Is a meatless diet possible?

Experts in health, environment, and climate change recommend a diet of less meat and more cereals to ensure the sustainability of the planet. But, how possible is it to go on a meatless diet? Research estimates that one in five...
LGBTQ+ youth need sex education that is inclusive in order to learn about sexual health and safe relationships.

LGBTQ+ Learning: How Sex Ed Fights AIDS

Good sexual health relies upon good sexual education. Unfortunately, sex ed programs often leave out a lot of vital information. This can leave a lot of kids in the dark and lead to unsafe sexual behaviour. Younger LGBTQ+ people are...
What public health services actually provide actually far exceed the cost of their services. The social health benefits help create a more just, equitable, sustainable and economically efficient society.

What Public Health Really Provides: The Social Benefits.

What public health services actually give to society is of far greater value than the dollar cost. Yet, opinion still remains sharply divided on universal care. The United States is the only one of 38 OECD nations that does not have...
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