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Safer Nuclear Reactors

I have been asked if Nuclear Power is considered renewable. Well – yes – it is. They do not produce carbon dioxide emissions.

How business can THRIVE

Recently I participated at the R3.0 Conference Workshop in Rotterdam and spoke at the 2019 International New Business Model Conference in Berlin, showcasing a new project I have been cultivating: The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Enterprise (THRIVE) platform and Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS) tool which aims to assess the strong sustainability performance of enterprises, alongside their business model.

Going To Space To Benefit Humans On Earth

We had the technology to go to the moon 50 years ago – this day – but with the end of the cold war, everything stopped. Why? Put simply – in my opinion – we lost the motivation.

The race to thrivability: going beyond simply catching up

Following a month away, facing Europe’s existential heat-wave crisis, I presented at major sustainability-related conferences. I held meetings with my counterparts, subject experts and knowledgeable officials in Asia and Europe. It appears the message is starting to sink in. While some deep ecologist lament it is too late, holding the doom and gloom placard, many – especially the young – are saying enough is enough.